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Bring nature into your home with plant terrariums!


Together with Parnell+co. Esschert Designs delivers the total concept for people who want to make a terrarium themselves. Plants can survice in one sealed bottle on recycled air, water and food through the closed micro-ecosystem. The plants grow under special circumstances and adapt over time. The only external factor is light. Plant Terrarium by Esschert Design.

Plant terrariums are extremely popular and suitable for any type of interior. Each type of terrarium also has its own degree of maintenance ease. That is why our range of plant terrariums is very diverse! A closed terrarium, for example, immediately gives a completely different look than a half open terrarium. You can give it your own interpretation. Sell them ready-made, for example, or let your customers be creative themselves by offering a DIY package as a total concept or ready-made gift box.





They are quite popular. Not without a reason, they are real eye-catchers in every room. And not unimportant, they even suit plant lovers without a green thumb. Plants in bottles or glass boxes are not a new concept. They originate from the eighteenth century. In this period, glass bottles and crates were used to bring plants and seeds from one side of the world to the other. There are different types of terrariums, closed, open and half-open. All necessities for making a terrarium are separately available. In addition, offer the complete set, for the ‘lazy’ customer.  with a handy step-by-step plan, The only thing that’s not included are the plants.


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