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DIY Gifts for Mothers Day with Agee


Our iconic Agee Tea Towels have more than one use! Check out our quick and easy method to making Agee Beeswax Wraps that your customers can use to make their very own Mother's Day gifts - perfect for cover jars, wrapping up cheeses AND reducing plastic usage!

You will need:
- x1 Agee 100% cotton tea towel
- Bees wax 
- Paint brush 
- Baking paper
- An iron 

1. Cut the fabric into 18cm circles.

2. Melt wax over a double boiler.

3. Place fabric on a piece of baking paper and brush on melted wax.

4. Place another piece of baking paper on top and iron, you will see bubbles appear when it is ready.

5. Peg up to cool

Ready to use once cooled and stiff. Using the warmth of your hand mould the food wrap over your jam jar or food item.


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