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Easter Entertaining


Easter time is for family, friends and making use of your outside entertaining area before packing it up for winter. For extra colour and fun I have included a short video on how to make a hanging floral arrangement - hope it may inspire you to do this at your store or at home! 

I used some back yard green foliage and brought and couple of bunches of flowers making sure the stems were long. The flowers last well hanging down. The idea is to loosely tie the greenery on to a piece of drift wood with twisty tie. Then thread the flowers through the greenery to hang down. Using two pieces of rope hang up your arrangement above a table. String lights can also be added, our outdoor ones are ideal. I love entertaining!

- Sarah-Jane, Director @ Parnell+co.



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  • Tricia 04.04.19

    Wish I could work as fast as you Sarah Jane! Cool...

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